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What We Do

We create large, fixed pitch electric and hybrid multirotor platforms that can autonomously carry payloads over 200 pounds.
We build both the hardware and the enabling software to make the magic of flight happen.
Our flight platforms are 10x cheaper to own and operate than traditional forms of aviation.


We design, code and build core thrust producing components that are the key enabling technologies for a new era of aviation. These components can be increased in number for even larger flying architectures in the future.

Propulsion +
Vertical Takeoff + Hybrid Wing

The X8

The AVA X8 is an all electric multirotor platform for short-range missions with 200 pound payloads. It is 10x cheaper to own and operate than a traditional helicopter.

No road or runway is required to launch or recover the X8. With its eight electric motors, the X8 makes 1500 pounds of peak thrust, and can lose one (or sometimes more) motor(s) while continuing to fly safely.

Propulsion + Vertical Takeoff +
Hybrid Wing

Winged X8

The AVA Winged X8 is a gasoline-electric hybrid platform for flying over 300 miles with 5 hours of flight endurance. The Winged X8 takes off vertically, then flies using a wing for peak efficiency.

Propulsion + Vertical Takeoff + Hybrid Wing


Our vehicles can deliver virtually anything up to 200 pounds safely and without the need for roads or runways. We target established operators who already transport cargo, hotshot product or hire helicopters for their work and want to get in on a secret with us.

Parties who wish to inquire about a pre-order or pilot program with one of our products should email us at


Aerial Vehicle Automation is a hardware and software technology company located in San Antonio, Texas.

Our founding team has rich experience designing, developing, coding, tuning and flying large fixed pitch multirotor and drone architectures. Before starting the company, the founders even coaxed these giant pieces of lumber from the hardware store into flying.


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